Paper Toss 2.0

Paper Toss 2.0 1.1.1

Relieve boredom by flinging a paper ball across an office

Paper Toss 2.0 is an addictive time-wasting game where you're challenged to fling balls into a trash can.

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  • Great fun to play
  • Lots of settings
  • Plenty of achievements, power-ups and items to unlock
  • Simple controls


  • Repetitive
  • Ads and nag screens are aggressive

Very good

Paper Toss 2.0 is an addictive time-wasting game where you're challenged to fling balls into a trash can.

Another day at the office

Gameplay in Paper Toss 2.0 is based around the same classic formula as the first version of the game. You must fire as many balls of paper into the trash can as you can in a row. It's not easy though because there's always a fan that will blow your ball one way or the other. The skill is in calculating where to aim based on the direction and speed of the air.

Paper Toss 2.0 adds more settings to the original game. Besides the office, airport and bathroom levels we all know and love, Paper Toss 2.0 includes a cubicle, warehouse, boss and intern. The inclusion of characters like the sleeping boss and the intern who moves the trash can around the screen, add a new dimension to the Paper Toss gameplay.

There are lots of achievements, power-ups and items to unlock in Paper Toss 2.0. Performing well gives you 'paper points' that you can redeem against items such as a bigger trash can, toss hint and various throwable objects (bouncy ball, watermelon, grenade, etc.)

Become a champion tosser

Paper Toss 2.0 is very easy to pick up and start playing. All you need to do is flick your finger in the direction you want the ball of paper to go. When you get really expert you can start bouncing off things to get it into the basket, but the learning curve is a gentle one.

The most annoying thing about playing the Paper Toss 2.0 is navigating around the menu screens. In the free version, there are full screen ads that pop up every time you access the main level selection menu and these become intrusive very quickly, as does the nag screen reminding you to upgrade.

Capturing the 'magic' of a dull office

Paper Toss 2.0 looks great, and the various levels manage to capture the monotony of being sat at a desk for the best part of the day. From the incessant hum of the electric fan, to the sound of keyboards being bashed, you really get the sensation that you're in an office.

In general the animation is OK in Paper Toss 2.0, though the motion physics of some of the objects isn't always that accurate.

The quintessential wastepaper timewaster

Paper Toss 2.0 is a game that will help you fill some time in a fun and thought-free way. It's great to pull out and play on a bus stop, but even with all the levels, the format gets a bit repetitive after a while.

Paper Toss 2.0


Paper Toss 2.0 1.1.1

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